Yerba Mate Tea And Why Athletes Love It

Yerba Mate Tea

The plant Yerba Mate has taken the world by a storm. It is considered the healthy alternative to coffee. When you need caffeine fix without the side effects, Yerba Mate tea is the answer. It is not the only benefit of the herb, the drink made with this plant is full of minerals and compounds that promote good health. organic mate site gives a detail view of all the advantages of the infusion drink. For more aesthetic benefits of the plant like puffy eye solution, go on to

Just like any drink that offers some wondrous positives, there is a drawback to Yerba Mate tea. When prepared to exact instructions the taste is not lip smacking. Well, the same can be said for coffee too. Plus some people find the hay-like fragrance of Mate tea not too appealing. But, once you move forward from these pitfalls, there is no denying the value of herbal tea. The tea is consumed in countries like Argentina and Brazil in similar quantities as coffee in America.
Made from dried leaves and stems of the herb the beverage is consumed through a perforated metal straw. The drink itself is poured into a dry, scooped out gourd. The wonder tea, which has more antioxidants than Green Tea, has been used by athletes for a long time. From footballers to runners to tri-athletes, yerba mate has been used by many. The popularity of the tea grew so much that a powdered version of the drink was packaged and marketed to people. This bottled and canned version is said to provide the same effect as coffee in enhancing performance.

It is not just energy that athletes get from drinking Yerba Mate tea. Yes, the caffeine mix is a significant positive but is also improves fat metabolism. When imbibed before exercise by a person, the herbal tea can better fat reduction. The workout has to be light or medium intensity for the tea to work. It does not have a negative impact on the performance of the body. The potentials of yerba mate are so many that it is touted as “liquid vegetable.”

Tea made from the shrub contains minerals, vitamins and plant compounds like saponins and quercetin that have many health advantages. When a drink can promote physical fitness while energizing the body too, then why not take complete advantage of it.
Like any good thing, when taken in large quantities or too high temperature, yerba mate has shown increased probabilities of cancer. Recent studies also show that if not prepared within set parameters, it can raise health alarms. The experiment proved that the plant did not contain any carcinogen. But, it was added onto it during a contaminated drying process.

So, before you buy the herb, ensure that it is from an excellent place like organic mate. An authorized and certified supplier would have used the proper process of making tea leaves and stems from the yerba mate plant. Even though there is an inherent risk, the demand for the herbal infusion drink has not gone down in athletes. The benefits overpower the risks by far.

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