You Must Visit Magaluf at Least Once in Your Life!

Magaluf-ThumbnailIt is my firm belief that everybody should spend a week or two in Magaluf at some point during their lifetime, preferably sooner rather than later. There is no doubt that its appeal is limited mainly to younger holidaymakers and I think you should go there to find out why.

 If you’ve already been to Ayia Napa, Malia et al, and you think that you’re too jaded to enjoy one of the Mediterranean’s first real party destinations, I urge you to think again. Great nightlife, fantastic weather and a multitude of fun events laid on by local organisers make Mallorca’s best known resort a must visit destination for anybody who likes to have a good time.

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 It’s the first-class events that really help Magaluf to stand head and shoulders above the competition, as far as I’m concerned. Over the years, those companies that lay on the best events have had time to perfect their approach, ensuring they can provide holidaymakers with the kind of experiences they will never forget.

  1.  Getting Blasted on a Boat– You’re not going to be asked to take the wheel or do anything else vaguely responsible when you’re on a booze cruise so take full advantage of the free bar and really go for it! The boats on which these parties are held leave from Magaluf pier, which is just a couple of minutes’ walk from Mallorca Rocks (now known as BH Mallorca) Hotel.
  2.  Full on Fun at a Full Moon Party– I don’t care what sort of parties you have attended so far in your life: if you’ve never been to a full moon party in Magaluf, you have missed a truly unique experience. Love it or hate it, and most people love it, it’s something you just have to do if you happen to be there at the right time.
  3.  A Night on the Town with Guides– The wall of noise and lights that hits you when you enter the main nightlife area of Magaluf can be disorientating, which is why many first-time visitors book themselves onto a one-night guided pub crawl and clubbing introduction before they arrive.

 If you decide to book tickets on a website such as, it is worth enquiring about discount wristbands at the same time, as they could save you a lot of money over the course of your holiday.

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